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Far Infrared Therapy Research


How it Began

In the 1960’s NASA did some research and said there is something important in the rays of the sun, healing rays called Far-infrared. In 1968 Japan began to work on the possibility of capturing these rays to be used for healing. It took them 30 years to capture the Far-infrared rays, the 5-25 micron wave lengths. It first came out as a cotton fabric that could be placed on an injury or painful spot on the body, then it was used in ceramics.


How FIR Therapy Works

The FIR Therapy is different from the conventional heat Therapies, infrared Therapies and microwave therapeutic devices. The FIR Therapy features a plate coated with a proprietary mineral ceramic formation consisting of 33 earth elements essential to the human body. When activated by the ceramic heating element, this mineral plate emits a special band of far-infrared waves ranging from a 8-10 micrometer wavelength that coincide with the wavelengths and intensity of the electromagnetic radiations emanating from the human body. As a result, the FIR far-infrared waves are readily absorbed. The Far Infrared Dome is designed with a ceramic heating element.


Far Infrared Healing

Far-infrared is a specific wave length of light from the sun. Among the rays coming from the sun, the Far-infrared waves are the safest and the most beneficial. FIR targets specific small areas finding the unhealthy tissue deep inside the body and improving (rejuvenating) the area. It raises the temperature of the organs and tissue. The application of artificial heat internally can make the body believe it has a fever, thus stimulating the immune response. This can be accomplished by applying a localized temperature of 42 degrees Celsius.


Benefits of Far Infrared

Conventional saunas heat atmospheric air around the body, therefore the normal operating range must be around 180-230 degrees Fahrenheit to be effective. Due to the high temperatures, most people exit a conventional sauna before it can produce any of the desired effects. Far Infrared rays penetrate heat deep inside the body directly, which can operate at much lower temperatures of around 110—150 degrees Fahrenheit. Furthermore, less than 20% of infrared energy heats the air, while over 80% directly translates into body heat. This means that a longer time can be spent exposed to FIR as opposed to a conventional heat source, and with greater efficiency. In addition, infrared heat penetrates the body up to 1 ½ inches, allowing the body to purge unwanted toxins and underlying fat more easily.


Shown: Far Infrared Ray Dome (FIR Dome) and Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine



In one study done by Hideyoshi Toyokawa and others in Japan, using rats, published in the Experimental Biology and Medicine, showed that the FIR can improve wound healing significantly.


Otto Warburg was nominated for the Nobel Prize in 1944 for research concerning photosynthesis in connection with the chemotherapeutics of cancer and the use of x-rays. His subsequent research showed that Far Infrared (the heat radiation of the Sun) impacts cancer.


Dr. Masao Nakamura, of the O & P Medical Clinic in Japan, has reported great success with the use of Far Infrared treatment for whiplash, rheumatism, insomnia, menopause, sciatica, acne, shoulder stiffness, arthritis, ear diseases, …


Dr. Toshiko Yamazaki, MD, owner of a Far Infrared therapy clinic in Japan and author of “The Science of Far Infrared Ray Therapy”, has extensively researched the uses of Far Infrared Therapy for natural body healing. In her book, she explains that one of the reasons Far Infrared Therapy has beneficial results in a variety of illnesses is the ability of Far Infrared waves to remove toxins with mercury detoxification, which is often at the core of many health problems.


Dr. Toshiko Yamazaki, notes the following health improvements with Far Infrared technology:


  • Asthma, Bronchitis (cleared up)
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis (7 out of 10 cases resolved in one clinical trial)
  • Cancer pain (greatly relieved)
  • Cirrhosis of the Liver (reversed)
  • Crone’s disease (cleared)
  • Cold hands and feet (20-25% improvement maintained)
  • Cystitis (gone)
  • Duodenal ulcers (eliminated)
  • Gastritis (relieved)
  • Hemorrhoids (reduced)
  • Hepatitis (gone)
  • High Blood pressure (reduced)
  • Keloids (significantly softened and in some cases completely gone)
  • Leg ulcers (healed)
  • Radiation sickness (relieved signs and symptoms)
  • Teenage skin problems (cleared)
  • Tinnitus (chronic case cleared in 10 treatments)
  • Eczema and Psoriasis (responded well)
  • Pain relief


Additional Research and Benefits of FIR Technology



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